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Angel, a one-year old female cat was dropped off at the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago after her owner died. Her future remained uncertain as to where she would live and who would care for her. Henry, a ten-year old black lab was left to his owner's brother after the owner passed away. After two years of caring for Henry, the brother took a new job out of state and then dropped Henry off at a shelter that euthanized animals if not adopted. Henry's future looked very uncertain, especially being an older dog.

Most view their pets as family members, as important a part of the fabric of the family as all others. Often the best of memories revolve around experiences with a pet: a special walk time or place, a game with a tennis ball, a cup of coffee in the morning with a cat on a lap... And sometimes, due to the unconditional love received from a pet, the bond and friendship experienced may translate to a more personal and intimate relationship than that experienced with family members.

Some people attempt to take care of their pets by leaving them to friends or family members in their wills. However, pets are legally considered property just like a couch or computer. So, if the family member or friend chooses not to care for the pet, that person can dispose of the pet any way they choose. No one is looking out for the well being of the pet.

At your consultation with the team at Rowley Law, clients discuss the individual nature of the pet and concerns about care. The team at Rowley Law advises on legal coverage for the clients' concerns and addresses additional safeguarding scenarios that the client may not have been aware of that are necessary to assure safety, quality of life and care. Protecting that special family member is a priority at Rowley Law.

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