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Health Care Directives

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"I want someone to be there for me, to look out for me if I can't talk or move."

A huge fear for most people is becoming sick or having an accident and not being able to communicate with doctors or family about medical treatment. Most do not want to linger in a state where they are unable to breath or eat on their own; with little brain functioning and were they are only being kept alive by tubes and machines. Many have experienced and witnessed this awful and scary situation with an ailing parent, grandparent or other family member.

Most people assume that their spouse, children, or other family members have a legal right to make medical decisions for them. In today's world of litigation, physicians and other health care professionals are not legally able to rely on family members for decisions. Often, the physician will require that a family member go to court and attain guardianship over the health of the patient prior to treatment. This court process is expensive, time consuming and may involve family members fighting over whom will be in charge of the patient's health. In addition, the court may choose a family member to be in charge of the patient's health that the patient would not have wanted.

During a consultation with your attorney at Rowley Law, your attorney will ask a series of specific questions to determine your goals and wishes for health care treatment in the event of illness or accident. This proactive approach includes you choosing a trusted person, be they a family member or friend, to make health care decisions for you if you become sick or hurt and are not able to make decisions on your own. Once this is done, your attorney will provide you with expert advice regarding these sensitive issues and will then customize enhanced health care legal documents to cover your specific concerns and particular needs.

If you have been worrying about who would make health care decisions for you if you are sick or hurt and about assuring that your health care wishes are honored and are looking to find a solution to this problem, the team at Rowley Law can help. Call Rowley Law, with offices in Chicago and Hoffman Estates today to schedule a consultation.

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