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Illinois Elder Planning

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The term "elder" means "of high rank" and an "influential member of a family and community." At Rowley Law we value the insight, experience, and wisdom of our elder clients. Our goal is to educate, empower, and legally guide the elder client in taking the critical steps necessary to achieve their goals.

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Some common goals of elder clients are:

  • Protecting assets from probate
  • Protecting assets from creditors
  • Avoiding or reducing taxes
  • Keeping control over who makes health care decision and property decisions
  • Maintaining living independence as long as possible
  • Having a plan, if living independence changes
  • Avoiding court involvement
  • Leaving a legacy for future generations that represents your values, energy, and lifetime goals
  • Avoiding family conflict
  • Alleviating fears about the future
  • Enjoying life

The process starts with a consultation at Rowley Law. The legal team evaluates finances, health, family, and personal goals. Elder Law is actually a specialized area of law that encompasses many individual types of law including: living trust law, Medicaid law, veterans law, estate planning law, will law, guardianship law, health care power of attorney law, property power of attorney law, and probate law. After our legal review, we recommend a plan of action including necessary legal documents.

Rowley Law is sensitive and aware of our elder clients' goals and desires for control with decisions over their finances and health. At Rowley Law, we are able to have full and knowledgeable discussions and offer advice for elder care planning. It is a positive and supportive experience with the objective of empowering the elder client along with designing legal documents that are personal and necessary to protect the elder client.

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