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Comprehensive estate planning covers nearly every aspect of life. It begins with protecting yourself and your personal dignity, and extends to protecting your loved ones and your hard-earned assets.

Follow the links below to learn more about our Estate Planning services provided at Rowley Law:

Overview Client Planning

We begin the process with an initial consultation, where we ask questions and analyze your particular situation, property, concerns, and goals.
Learn more about Overview Client Planning.

Living Trust/Probate Avoidance Planning

Probate involves filing numerous legal documents with the probate court including formal appraisal of all assets, formal inventory of all assets, full accounting of all money, final transfer documents of all property and formal termination of the executor or administrator by the probate court.
Learn more about Living Trust/Probate Avoidance Planning.

Healthcare Directive/Financial Power of Attorney Planning

A huge fear for most people is becoming sick or having an accident and not being able to communicate with doctors or family about medical treatment. Most do not want to linger in a state where they are unable to breath or eat on their own; with little brain functioning and were they are only being kept alive by tubes and machines. Many have experienced and witnessed this awful and scary situation with an ailing parent, grandparent or other family member.
Learn more about Healthcare Directive/Financial Power of Attorney Planning.

Property Power Of Attorney

There often becomes a point, due to sudden illness or gradual cognitive changes where managing finances, working on taxes, paying bills, dealing with the web of health insurance rules and claims, investing and managing retirement money becomes over-whelming, burdensome or not possible.
Learn more about Property Power of Attorney.

Children Planning

Nothing tops the priority of providing for minor children as they have a vulnerability unsurpassed in today's world of complexity and potential financial predatory behavior. Children are not equipped to evaluate and do not have the life experience to know what is best for them in many situations.
Learn more about Children Planning.

Children's Trust

With a Children's Trust, the client picks that important, critical person to manage the finances for the benefit of the children, should the client pass away, and not the Court System.
Learn more about Children's Trusts.

Special Needs Planning

Planning for a child or adult that has special needs involves consideration and analysis on many levels to assure that this special family member's needs are met for many years.
Learn more about Special Needs Planning.

Elder Planning

The term "elder" means "of high rank" and an "influential member of a family and community." At Rowley Law we value the insight, experience, and wisdom of our elder clients. Our goal is to educate, empower, and legally guide the elder client in taking the critical steps necessary to achieve their goals.
Learn more about Elder Planning.

Medicaid Planning

Careful legal planning, whether in advance or in response to an unanticipated need for care can help protect your assets, whether for your spouse or your children.
Learn more about Medicaid Planning.

Veterans' Assistance

At Rowley Law, we are honored to assist United States Veterans with researching and determining eligibility along with attaining Veterans' Benefits.
Learn more about Veterans' Assistance.

Estate Tax Planning

There are millions of American men and women that have paid income taxes their entire lives. Upon passing, they do not want to pay further estate tax. However, most people don't really understand estate taxes; when they are owed and how to reduce or eliminate owing the tax.
Learn more about Estate Tax Planning.

Business Planning

Blood, sweat, tears, time, and money are invested into making "the idea" into a viable business. The Entrepreneurs' time is often consumed on weekends and evenings with work, or just "thinking" about how to make the business better. The sacrifice is immeasurable. But the gain is priceless.
Learn more about Business Planning.

Asset Protection Planning

We live in a litigious society. So, how you structure and own your assets can affect whether they can be taken away in a lawsuit. These days, many individuals and businesses, not just the rich and famous, are taking steps to avoid having their property taken away from litigation and fraudulent creditors.
Learn more about Asset Protection Planning.

IRA Trust Planning

Pensions are quickly becoming a product of a by-gone era. The IRA is now one of the main assets for retirement. Why not pass that asset to your beneficiaries and give them a leg up, an advantage, on accumulating for their retirement or life goals by passing it with tax-deferred growth for years and generations? IRA trusts can accomplish this goal.
Learn more about IRA Trust Planning.

Pet Planning

Most view their pets as family members, as important a part of the fabric of the family as all others. Often the best of memories revolve around experiences with a pet.
Learn more about Pet Planning.

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